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ENIGMA:  Show your sense of energy to tell how many coins are hidden under a mug and a plate.

MATERIALS: Eight coins, a plastic plate, a plastic mug with a handle, and an accomplice.

REALIZATION: Place eight coins on the table next to the plate and the mug. As you turn around, ask someone to place a certain number of coins under the mug and the rest under the plate. Then you pass your hands over the plate and the mug without     touching them, trying to feel the energy of the coins.

After a short period of suspense, you can tell how many coins are under the plate and mug. You'll need a secret helper. If there are no coins under the mug, he will place the plate face up. If there are coins under the mug, the handle will indicate the number of coins under the mug, and the rest will be on the plate. Do not number the table, just imagine it mentally.


ENIGMA: Here are two enigmas to see who can solve them. The first one is to move only one cup, leaving them alternated, there cannot be two full or two empty together and the second one is to lift a cup with a balloon having your hands behind your back.

MATERIALS: Five clear plastic cups, three filled with water, two empty, and a balloon.

REALIZATION: Place all five cups in a row, with the three filled with water in the middle. Ask your friends if they can alternate the cups by moving only one, leaving one empty, one full, one empty, and so on. If no one knows how to alternate the cups, take the middle cup, lift it up, drink the liquid, and then leave it where it was.

To lift the cup with the balloon, put the balloon to your lips, put your hands behind your back, lean forward, place the balloon in the empty cup and blow slowly to inflate it. The balloon will be partially embedded in the cup and you will be able to lift it safely, just like Socram.

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